chicken's path from its execution at the factory all the way to a plate of a man, who is awaiting his own execution. While following that entire circle (between the two deaths), we can hear people in the background talking about their every-day problems and life in general, but at the same time those people are trapped in their own little circles (workers at the factory, deliverers, drivers, cook, guards), without being aware of how much in common they have, such as their circles, ways of thinking, interests, ...


So this film is a metaphorical presentation of our lives and our similarities even though we tend to believe that we are all so very different.

short film – director and story  - financed by the Slovene Film Fund 


Festival screenings:


Slovenian Film Festival, Celje, Slovenia – September 2003

Eclipse film festival, Utah, USA – November 2003

Alpe Adria film festival, Trieste, Italy – January 2004

Sarasota film festival, USA – January 2004

Bermuda film festival, USA – March 2004

Short shorts, Japan – June 2004

Artfilm festival, Slovakia – June 2004

Tabor film festival, Croatia – June 2004

La Cittadella del Corto, Italy – July 2004

Foyle Film Festival, Ireland – November 2004