Angel and Devil are fighting over the soul of a young rock musician, betting on whether he would change his mind and sell his soul for a more profitable music branch - folk music.

A chicken's path from its execution at the factory all the way to a plate of a man, who is awaiting his own execution.

A3 - Rock'n'Roll Strikes Back (2006)

Last Wish (2003)


Bugs and Heroes (2018)

Raša is a quiet young man who lives with a demanding, bitter father and takes care of him. When he starts working as a guard in an unusual, abandoned building, Raša’s world suddenly opens up and he meets a Super hero who is living in that building. Super hero and this entire building seem to be stuck in a point in time when Super hero’s life was struck by a tragedy. Ever since that moment he has been trying to use video files that the Boy is filming for him in the city streets in order to reconstruct past events and find the lost love of his life and his son. Super hero is using unusual, out-of-date machines in order to put those video files together, edit them and search for answers. This unusual group of friends, joined by the Nurse, that Raša falls in love with, and by the Girl from the Boy’s orphanage, uses this forgotten building to spend time together, escape the world that surrounds them and search for their dreams.

At the same time, in the world below them, there is a parallel world of Bugs who are also trying to escape to the surface and shed light into their lives.

Story of an ordinary village in which ordinary villagers, humble and hardworking people, used to live happy and peaceful lives when one day villagers decided to go to the city and find a companion for their favorite pig.

E-pigs (2009)

Wedding (2005)

What starts as an idyllic wedding of two young people in love turns into a massive confrontation of different families, cultures and brings out hidden, animalistic drives in wedding guests.